Sunday, July 24, 2011

[v0.99] Now Stay In Your Hotkeys!

  1. Take the equip that has a Decent Skill.
  2. Equip the item once you're in the PvP waiting room (the map with NPC Maximus and the rewards NPC. Put the skill on a key and save it.
  3. Enter any battle mode.
  4. Once entered, take off the equip.
  5. You can choose to log off and re-log or leave the battle room.
Congratulations, you've got a permanent Decent Skill. Please note that if you equip another Decent Skill equip, it will cancel out the glitched Decent Skill and you will have to do it again. It's advisable that if you can get your hands to this potential equip, do this glitch ASAP as you don't know when Nexon will patch this. 

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