Wednesday, July 6, 2011

[v0.99] Hyper Teleport Rock to Alien Visitor PQ!

In the early morning of Independence Day 7/4/11, news was out that you can use packet editing to teleport yourself to the Alien PQ map! For those of you that don't know, Alien PQ was a pretty major event last summer where it had a quest line followed by PQs with rewards. Click here to see the prizes.

Quoted from Noi of W8Baby:
Somebody in Scania smega'd today that you could teleport to him in a VPQ map with the new hyper teleport rock. I figured out how to reproduce it and figured, why not share?

You need:

  • A packet editor (like Ripe)
  • Probably a bypass (like Babypass)
  • An injector (of course) (like Winject)
  • A teleport rock (like that free hyper teleport rock everybody just got)
  • Two level 120+ characters who have done the VPQ prequests (may not be necessary, but probably is)
Condensed version:
Put your hyper teleport rock in the first slot and send this from anywhere:
63 00 A6 2B 67 9B 01 00 84 E7 4C 00 01 00 C0 85 EC 1D
Verbose version:For the people who want to experiment with other maps, the following is how you can. However...
Quote Originally Posted by Bradleyygxxx View Post
Listen, this isn't a [expletive] map teleport, kids. It's limited, VERY limited, to the maps you can use it on. I explained this earlier. Learn to read. You're wasting your time trying to teleport to maps. There's a specific reason why it works for these maps. It won't work for virtually any other maps.
In other words, don't expect to have much success on non-buggy maps (read: non-Visitor maps). But you're welcome to give it a shot all the same.

First, preparing MapleStory:
  1. Inject your packet sender/editor and bypass (if you use an editor rather than a sender).
  2. Make sure you have a teleport rock of one kind or another in your cash inventory.
Next, locating the ID of the map you want to teleport to:
  1. Get HaRepacker and load your String.wz file.
  2. Expand String.wz on the right.
  3. Click the Map sub-option.
  4. Click XML > Dump at the top.
  5. Select to put them all in one file.
  6. Open the file (the save location was shown when the dump finished).
  7. Use CTRL+F to find the map name you want.
  8. Look right above it for <imgdir name="xxxxxxxxxx">, the xxxxxxxxxx is the map ID in decimal. The map ID for Bing's cube is 502040000 in decimal.
Now, convert the map ID from decimal to the proper form of hexadecimal:
  1. Look for a decimal-to-hexadecimal converter. I used, but you can use your own or search Google for one if you don't like it.
  2. You should get something like 1DEC85C0 as your result. You may also get 12 AB34CD or 12 AB 34 CD as well, depending on what converter you use. They're all fine, it's just a difference in spacing so it looks nice.
  3. If there are fewer than 8 characters in the result at this point, pad it to 8 characters by adding 0s to the beginning. If 1DEC85C0 needed 4 more characters, I would make it 00001DEC85C0, but 1DEC85C0 is already 8 characters, so I'll just leave it as 1DEC85C0.
  4. If it isn't that way already, add/remove spaces to your hexadecimal value to divide it into sections (bytes) of two characters each. 1DEC85C0 will become 1D EC 85 C0.
  5. Finally, you need to reverse the order of the bytes of your value. So 1D EC 85 C0 becomes C0 85 EC 1D not 0C 58 CE D1. If you reverse them the wrong way, you'll get a completely different number that most likely won't work!
  6. Make sure to remember what you just calculated above, you'll need it later.
Now, convert the cash item slot your teleport rock is in from decimal to hexadecimal:
  1. The top left slot is #1, and they each increase by 1 from left to right, top to bottom. So count to the slot your teleport rock is in.
  2. Once you have the slot number in decimal, put it into your decimal to hexadecimal converter, just like the map ID.
  3. If there is only one character in the result, add a 0 to the beginning to make it 2.
  4. Remember this number for later, you'll need it too.
Almost done, the next step is to decide what rock ID you have:
  1. You can convert the ID of your rock using the exact same method as the maps above, but there are only three, so you can just use the conversion chart below:
  2. Hyper teleport rock: 84 E7 4C 00
  3. VIP teleport rock: 68 EB 4C 00
  4. Regular teleport rock: 80 E7 4C 00
  5. Remember the ID, you'll need it for the next step.
The next-to-last step, fill in the blanks with the proper value:
63 00 ** ** ** ** XX 00 YY YY YY YY 01 00 ZZ ZZ ZZ ZZ
[] = the packet header. Don't change this.
[] = the timestamp. If your sender supports random byte values, leave it as *s. Otherwise, replace it with some random hexadecimal number like AB 15 1C B6.
[] = is the slot your teleport rock is in, as calculated above.
[] = I think these two bytes are just padding, but either way, changing them isn't necessary and may cause a problem.
[] = the item ID of the teleport rock you're using, as outlined above.
[] = the function you're using. Just leave this alone.
[] = the ID of the map you want to go to, which was calculated above.

Last step: Send it!

Sending the above will teleport you to Bing's cube. On the left is a purple portal, go through there and you'll be outside the crash site. Party a level 120+ buddy, talk to Wynn, and have fun VPQing. 

You do not need to use this at a mirror. Just be in a map you can teleport out of, like, say, Henesys.

If you use this with a packet editor, you may need a bypass. If you only use a basic packet sender, you probably won't.

You get sent to Henesys when you leave! Even if you go in from Omega Sector.

You can get VIP items from this (I got a VIP claw during 2x drop).

The aliens inside are pitifully weak. Seriously. Like 500 damage tops, except for Bing.

Bing will kill you if he bombs you. 

Some people (me included after my first run) experience a message about not being allowed in unless you're level 120+. Some say you have to do the prequests, some say you need the time traveler medal, some say you can skip or glitch it... I haven't been able to test it myself, so I'm not sure.

This does not bypass the "You can't go to that map." message. Luckily, Bing's Cube doesn't generate it for some reason, and you can go out that left door to the crash site from there.

This doesn't seem to auto-ban, but if a GM catches you, you can probably kiss your account good-bye. 

- Whoever figured out how to get to Bing's cube first for... pretty obvious reasons.
- Anybody else who was involved in transfering the knowledge from the above guy to the below one.
- The smega guy (forgot his name, but he probably wouldn't want his IGN here anyway) for going there and smega'ing so I could too.
- Me, for working out how he did it and posting it here.
- @minehero12 for explaining the packet's construction better.
- Everybody in this thread that contributed questions and comments to help improve the mini-guide above.

I've tried it but it didn't work for me. A lot of people say you needed to have the prerequisite quests done from last year in order to participate. Some just got in quite fine.


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