Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sight-seeing and the Situation of Public Hacking

With the coming of the Chaos Patch implemented into MapleStory, none of the hacking communities produced a public bypass lately. The hacking has been slowing down and the market starts to inflate as well because the farming has been decreased for public hackers. VIP hackers still gain the advantage of continuous hacking as they the priority to keeping our communities alive. New faces are soon to step up in the hacking world and producing more for the public.

The Fall of Lethargy Trainer
The trainer that put the H in hacking and it is Lethargy Trainer. A few days after the Chaos patch, Lethargy put out a built-in bypass for the trainer just for the public. The author was once again our savior and everyone who heard of the word of a bypassing trainer went in and tried the magnificent technology. But soon after, trainer's website has been shut down without a final message. The trainer that I feel it owned every other public trainer out there has fallen.

W8Baby's Takes Responsibility
Recently W8Baby allowed the public to try out their VIP trainer known as the Bizzaro Trainer for 1 day but extended another day because of Nexon's reschedule of their server maintenance. A lot of us got to test out some amazing features like the Spawn Vac v2.0, auto-login, auto-restart, PVP No Delay hacks, etc. For myself, I've tested out the PVP hacks and it was amazing how quick I leveled my Lv. 7x Aran because every hit on a players gives some EXP.

Last week or so, W8Baby released a public version of the Bizzaro Trainer known as BT Lite. As excited as I was reading the description of the public bot finally released, I've also noticed that a level restriction was put onto the bot and that is characters over level 100 cannot use it. This is a big negative con but it has hacks that would serve characters levels 100 and under pretty well.

A New Mining Hack?
This morning, I caught sight of a hacker standing stationary, mining all veins, and item-vaccing to himself. I assume he's been in the Intermediate Mine for quite a while and that his/her fatigue doesn't have any effect on him/her. Notice the F2 face when the miner successfully mines an ore.
Picture captured of the hacker vaccing an Ore Fragment. Edited myself for identity protection. - GMS Hacks Historian


  1. I missed Leth's awesome trainer, Nullz's amazing bypass....and now poor hackers can't hack at lv days for us =[.
    Oh btw I like ur blog. Keep updating when u got new stuff :D. Oh btw they released public wall vac + kami, tubi,etc bypass-LESS trainers.Might be useful for lv 100+.

  2. Yes, the mining hack they were using was from w8baby's BT Lite.
    You need to kick box killer and auto press the space bar.
    Combine this with Pet Item Vac and there you go.