Wednesday, July 6, 2011

[v0.99] A Real Remote Hack

I'm not sure if this is even worth talking about. Since it went public, there's really no benefits from it. But just to let you guys know, remote hacking does exist. Let's take for example a remote. You use it to control your TV and for MapleStory, you control a character with it.

Quoted from Stephon of GameKiller:

*The Best Way to Scam Someone is like if a pro legit wants to hack tell him the Link for the Packet editor. Yada yada tell him steps yada yada = Profit Chaching!

Please Don't PM Me All you guys have a brain please use it.
K thanks :O
-Things you need-
-A Packet editor

This method works only with people who can be tricked and have RiPE.

I have so far remote hacked 4 characters and made a net profit of 8 bill in items and 1.2 bill in mesos.

Step 1: Find a person with RiPE, trade them and tell them something like, "Dude, I found out an incredible way to dupe! But it needs two people with PE's for it to work, want to help me?"

Step 2: Tell them to switch to the next channel and after they switch tell them to record the packet of that channel switch. The header should be 0015 or 15 00 depending on what PE you are using.

Step 3: After they switch, tell them to copy and paste the packet in chat so you can "modify the dupe header to it." Yes this statement is complete BS but it tricks the noob hackers. What you actually do is copy the packet down in the text box below the Modify button in RiPE, and in the text box to the left of the Modify button you type in 15 00. Click Modify after you fill in these two text boxes.

Step 4: Have them switch back to your channel, and then tell them to block the ENTIRE packet, not just the header 15 00, but the ENTIRE packet.

Step 5: Tell them to switch to the next channel again, and as soon as they disappeared, switch to the channel they switched to.


If you did everything right, you should spawn in that channel as their character. You have full access to their inventory, storage, MTS, and CS. Gift yourself, drop their stuff, transfer it to yourself, etc.

This method is a farfetched one, but it works if you just find the right person.

Remote hacking is real. A dual purpose of this remote hack tutorial is to warn all of you hackers to NEVER EVER give someone a packet that was recorded by an action your character made.

Have fun.

Credits: aljoanna

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