Monday, October 24, 2011

RTE Beta (Build 300) just released this morning.

RTE (Riu Trainer Evolution) has just been released this morning. The program, we can say, is the evolved version of the infamous Riu Trainer from GMS v0.99 and down. The project has been through many delays but it has finally reached out to the public!

(Click to enlarge.)

As you can see, there are the same functions that other trainers would have. Below are some speculations for the next update of RTE, but not garaunteed:

Quote from iPodGuru 
more hacks coming soon?-Yesand the pub client will have a vac? (like spawn or kami or mmc?)-No Spawnvac but there is Kami and MMCalso the pub client include bypass?-ATM will have the same function as vip?-Yesif not what kind of hacks will be only in the vip section?-Manily the ones BT has.

Hopefully, Riukuzaki can get the public hackers back on track with her (yes, it's a her) latest project. This can be the start of free hackers making a comeback to the game!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Hexavisions website has officially launched!

Hexavisions is a new website that collects as many GMS packets as possible. It's a big and growing database that I will personally update every version of GMS. I will try to provide the fastest and latest packets to the hacking communities to serve your needs. Right now, I've decided to leave things as is over there. The page "Packet Editing in MapleStory" in this blog site has been transferred over to Hexavisions under the Tutorials tab. I will take suggestions of improving Hexavisions if you just comment below, or send me an email.

Here is the link to my new website:

The button to the website is also added at the top of the page.

Monday, October 3, 2011

[v1.01] Monster Crystal Packet

Monster Crystals were created 2 years ago along with Item Maker Skill. Item Maker Skill allowed us to make weapons, armors, refine ores, etc. During July, it was replaced by Profession skills and the functions and GUI of Item Maker were taken out. Last month, I stumbled upon and it shed some light to me. I didn't think it was possible for something that was patched to be resurrected by packets but I gave it a try. Soon after ruling out the wrong packets, I saw the etc. items convert into a Basic Monster Crystal right before my eyes.

So why should we continue using something that's outdated when profession skills replace it and fatigue are now well handled? Well for those who remembered playing before the Profession age, I.M.S. allowed us to make weapons such as a Concerto with average attack into above average attack. Profession skills can achieve this, but with a small chance. To make a Concerto with higher attack, we would use a combination of Advanced Diamond, Advanced Black Crystal, and a simulator and process it in the Item Maker window. Since we don't have it (or can't bring it up to our screen), a correct format packet that allows you to make a higher attack gun must be sent instead.

Because I didn't track down the other I.M. packets, such as refining ores, making armors, or weapons, I can't make and distribute these powerful weapons. I'm releasing this packet with the updated header in hopes for something with a better knowledge of packets to discover the others and maybe release it to the public.

-Need 100 of a monster's drop, such as Drake Skull.
-The packet provided.

Drake Skull
AD 00 03 00 00 00 0E 09 3D 00

Packet Format:
AD 00 [the choice # of the item maker window] 00 00 00 [item ID] 00

Do note that not all I.M.S. packets are in that format. They're each unique.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

[v.1.01] Party Quest Exploits

I have to say this guy is on posting spree today. As soon as he found out one exploit, it works for every PQ. Basically, this mimics the Fall Through Floor hack but exclusively for Mechanics. It's a very genius method to FTF by utilizing packets to summon Open Portal: GX-9 that links to the "underground" of a map, as shown in the Ice Knight screenshot. This is a good exploit since the hacks are barely updating right now.

[Mechanic] Summon portal below the platform
[Packet] 93 00 ** ** ** ** 4D 99 17 02 0A 0C 00 C9 00 
[0A] Level

Jump through floor or use the following packets to respawn boss
[Kenta PQ] 
93 00 ** ** ** ** 4D 99 17 02 0A 0C 00 C9 00 

Jump through Floor to summon Right Pianus/Left Pianus
Can be used only by yourself
You can summon more than 1 at a time
You can kill more than 1 at a time

Gives exp, drops, and pianus scales each time

100 Pianus Scales = Kenta's Goggles

[Escape PQ]
[Packet] 93 00 5A BC AC 00 4D 99 17 02 0A 76 FA 5A FF 
Jump through floor to respawn Ani

You can spawn more than 1
You can kill more than 1 at a time

[Ice Knight PQ]
93 00 ** ** ** ** 4D 99 17 02 0A 0C 00 C9 00 

Jump through floor to respawn Ice Knight

If you spawn more than 1, the two ice knights will attack each other, causing you to dc.

[Kerning City PQ]
[Packet] 93 00 ** ** ** ** 4D 99 17 02 0A 2E 00 5D FE 

Jump through floor to respawn king Slime
Can summon more than 1
Can kill more than 1 at a time
Drops Smooshy Liquid and slime shoes

Credits go to W8Boy of W8Baby. 

[v.1.01] EXP Glitch

Hello, today I'm going to show you how to do the exp glitch!

Please, do not post this on other forums or places without giving credits and a link to this page.

You need a level 105+ on MapleStory
You do not need any sort of hacks. This can be done by a legit.
and a brain.

Step 1:
Go to Tera forest (You'll get a lightbulb over your head, or you can go there from leafre)

Step 2:
Go and talk to Andy and accept the quest "The first clue."

Step 3:
Go into year 2021 Average Town by going to the right in tera forest and talking to time gate:

Step 4:
Go to a trash can (Can be found in any map of Year 2021):

Step 5:
Attack the trash can and get the piece of paper. If it doesn't drop either wait for it to re spawn or go find another one. Pick up the piece of paper.

Step 6:
Go back to Andy and finish the quest:

Step 7:
Logout of the game by pressing "System" then "Quit Game"

Step 8:
Now when you log back in, you can repeat the quest!

This quest gives 100k upon completion.

Me for pictures, guide and method.

How was this method found?
I found it out when yesterday I was doing neo city on my mech and the quest reset after I logged out. Then I found this exploit!

Friday, September 30, 2011

[v.1.01] Hacking Updates

The Acension patch has greatly affected the hacking communities. Here is the current situation of hacking.

  • Still needs a public bypass
  • All hacks need updating
  • VIP hacks need updating
  • Map rush needs updating due to altered claims said by Nexon.
  • Rumors about NPC shop dupe are spreading. Most likely you need a VIP Packet Editor for this.
  • Headers have increased.
  • Public RIPE is updated, but sending the packets doesn't work. Maybe needs a fix or sending packets seems almost impossible.
  • Acension Update Notes says that PQ maps have been altered. 
  • Mob EXP, drop, and mesos rate have been decreased to combat "macro actions." I find this funny because no matter what rate Nexon sets, hacks will still be used for leveling and profit.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Guild Skills Exploit - Time Extension

There was the release where you can hack your guild points infinitely so your guild can reach to its maximum level. It was with the use of packets and the whether or not it had been patched is not looked on by me because the level of the guild seems useless right now.

Just yesterday, more guild related packets were found and it's based on skills.

Guild Skills Packets
B9 00 1E C0 8C 6C 05 = Banner of Nimbleness
B9 00 1E C1 8C 6C 05 = Banner of Experience
B9 00 1E C2 8C 6C 05 = Banner of Fortitude
B9 00 1E C3 8C 6C 05 = Banner of Ferocity
B9 00 1E C4 8C 6C 05 = Banner of Mobiliy
B9 00 1E C5 8C 6C 05 = Banner of Lethality
B9 00 1E C6 8C 6C 05 = Banner of Plenty

Just send the packet with the required mesos from the skill and it will keep extending the time. This will not multiply the effect of the skill if you send it multiple times. Just a time extension. This is good for people will need extra damage and experience when training their characters. The very bad side of this is that the purchase price of the skill is insanely expensive, but the renewal price is a lot better. 

Credits go to Swiftmender from for discovering the packets.