Thursday, June 2, 2011

[v0.98] Return of the Silver Coin Exploit! - 5/27/11

Shortly after the patch of the last exploit, Nexon updated the game with the Cake vs. Pie event, a demanding event that was first brought up last anniversary. We all thought that the Chaos Scroll exploit was gone for good, but the method was still fresh to our minds.

When the new patch was up on 5/25/11, Inkie the 6th Year Anniversary NPC displays the Chaos Scroll for sale. As surprising to me like everyone, I thought, "Another possible exploit?" Still, the hacking community showed no news about it. We all went back to being worked up on the latest White Scroll Exploit that not a single person decide to release to the public.

In the Friday afternoon of 5/27/11, the same daring hacker (name cannot be released) releases the Silver Coin Exploit! The exploit was exactly the same as last time from step 1. Now why in the world would Nexon, who oversaw and concealed the exploit a couple weeks ago,  decide to allow hackers be benefited again?! No one knows why, but it was very amusing.

I learned from the last exploit that Nexon deleted all the chaos scrolls that were exploited. So I decided to start scrolling whatever items I can so the scrolls can't be traced. I gained over 10k Silver Coins but only redeemed 200 Chaos Scrolls. But unfortunately, a few hours later, Maplestory went offline as the GMs resolved the issue. Pretty quick this time for a Memorial Day weekend.
Note that they said "serious issue." There's a saying for this: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Well Nexon, shame on you for bringing back the exploit ;).

Accounts that edited packets to do the exploits were erased from the system. When tried logging in, it doesn't even tell you that you're permanently banned. It shows nothing. 

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