Thursday, June 16, 2011

[v0.98] Hoblin PQ Experience Exploit

This morning, the hacking communities discovered an EXP exploit inside the Hoblin PQ that allows you to beast-level godly. Almost everyone in the recruiting channels of the PQ (Ch. 1) was packed with players saying "J>GLITCHED PQ@@@@@@@".

The PQ's minimum level requirement is 80. The glitch is not even hard at all to do. With at least a party of 3 and up to the max of 6, you go escort Shammos through 5 long maps until you reach King Rex. After killing the king, you attempt to exit the portal through the map, but only to find that you continuously gained 89k EXP for yourself!

For you legits, you just sit there and hold down the Up key to glitch your EXP. Pretty lame but hackers have it better.

For hackers, you can log the portal packet in King Rex's map, and spam it at a fast delay such as 100 ms with a packet sender and you'll be leveling godly!

Around 11:45 AM PST, Nexon took action by shutting down the game and doing an unscheduled server maintenance.

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