Monday, June 13, 2011

Cake vs. Pie 2: Twitchin' for a Glitchin'

The C.V.P. event has been ongoing for more than 2 weeks and it's approaching its end for the Chaos Update Patch near the end of this month. Nexon claims they have improved the C.V.P. event and said it's going to be better than last year. Despite the fact that there occurred massive channel crashes, duping, Silver Coin exploits, the event provided some nice glitches.

Auto-Winning for Maximum Insignias No Matter Which Faction
Usually the faction who turned in the most cake/piece pieces will most likely win because the system bunches every faction person into the first few channels (1-4). Additionally, the Attack team always wins. Waiting for the specific towns to have faction battle are dreadful and you don't want to earn less Insignias just for this . Luckily, there's a glitch for earning the most for yourself.

  1. As long as you're in a map where the Red Invitation Letter can appear, the glitch can happen (not to be confused with the Ani Raid Invitation Letter). Also to avoid failing this glitch, you must be in channels other than 1-5.
  2. This is the most important step already. Make yourself go into an out-of-breath state. Now quickly click the invitation until you get the dialog box: "You are out of breath. Please try again."
  3. Close that dialog box. Now you can change to a channel where you think Attackers aren't there.
  4. Congratulations. You're either alone, with your fellow Factionees, or another attacker who will most likely ruin you auto-win.
  5. Wait until the timer runs out to receive your Insignias. 
Why This Works
Apparently, the MapleStory Developers of C.V.P. makes you CC to the official battling channels. But due to one of MapleStory's annoying out-of-breath function, this defeats it, making you able to CC to any channel.

Opposing Faction Strikes Back
When the glitch went public, your opposing faction is ready to troll back. Despite the fact that whichever faction donated the most to initiated the battle, anyone can do the glitch. And if you happen to find your opposition in your glitched channel, you're just unlucky. But glitching to a channel while your faction has the upperhand is just a bitch move and you'll be shunned.

C.V.P. Random Box Glitch
Now this glitch is like rolling a polygon with infinite sides and only 2 sides matter: landing on this side will get your the 6th Anniversary Chair or that side will get you the Cake vs. Pie Weapon.

  1. Get 2 of these boxes.
  2. Fill your inventory with junk that you will never get from the box. Arrows for Bow are the best option and the cheapest to do this. Ironic that the Silver Coin exploit used arrows. IMPORTANT: Make sure you don't have an incomplete stack of items such as 60 Power Elixirs, 59 Melting Cheese, 1 Unripe Onyx Apple. Even though you don't have an empty slot in your Use tab, the box might fill up those incomplete stacks.
  3. Now you have to choose one of the following methods.
3a. This method uses auto-clicking. Notice that Gaga's dialog box always end up in the same position even if you moved it anywhere and closed it. Now, open your inventory and get a good overlap of the CVP Random Box and the 'Next' button. If done correctly, you can continuously click on the same spot, clicking the 'Next' button on the dialog box as well as opening the box at the same time. Don't worry about your inventory being full. Like I said, it's like a dice roll of many sides. 

3b. This method uses packets and botting. Find the packet for opening the CVP R. Box and have it ready for spamming. Next set your NPC Chat hotkey at an interval of your choice (e.g. 100 ms) and begin the bot. Now spam the packet at your choice of delay, depending on how good your computer handles the procedure. WARNING: You might d/c if spammed too quickly. 

You'll get the chair in 30 min. - 2 hours, depending on how lucky you are for both methods.

There are no credits for whoever found this first. Personally I found this on accident when the event first came out but never came to my attention that this was in fact a glitch. 

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