Thursday, June 16, 2011

[v0.98] Map Crash Experiences

So after v0.98's public map crash was released, the below tells the common outcomes in our gameplay.

  1. When the faction town battles begin, using the map crash to disconnect your faction opponent so that you can win more EXP and Insignias.
  2. Disconnect people who annoy or piss you off.
  3. Dominate a hotspot training map or just any map.
  4. Steal a FM spot and not be disconnected if you can block the crash.
  1. People who also know about the Map Crash packet can d/c you.
  2. The people you can't crash, the ones that blocked it with a packet editor or CE, may crash you back for their advantage.
  3. Slows you down from getting more Insignias.
  4. Free Market sales drop dramatically. Those with Store Permits instead of a NX Merchant will be crashed.
Tonight is when the server maintenance will fix all these problems and hopefully get rid of it as well.

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