Tuesday, May 10, 2011

v0.97 - Maple Anniversary Disaster: Silver Coins Exploit

Brief Summary
The month of May has always been the anniversary month for Global Maplestory. Every year, events differ in this month. This year, game developers made an event that allows Maplers to trade in their Maple weapons and leaves for a 6th Anniversary Silver Coin. When collected a certain amount of coins, players can trade them in for prizes. The obvious and the most valued items players looked for was the Chaos Scrolls and the 20% Pink Scrolls for ATK, mainly for 2H Weapons. Because events come in go in MapleStory, you won't know if the same event comes back next year, making the Pink Scrolls very valuable. This year, the events seem more time-consuming to obtain just one of these scrolls. But not for long...
A pirate class showing the above scroll and its stats. Note that this screenshot was taken after the  exploit was patched.
Exploit Released in Public
On 5/7/11 on a Saturday morning, I've gotten from my sources that a Silver Coin Exploit was released. I thought, "Finally, an exploit for this event!" There were reasons to believe that the exploit was discovered long before it was released to the public. The people behind this cannot be released during this time.

How It Works
It involves a very genius method with a packet editor that has functions of modifying packets and sending them, thus manipulating any kind of items, such as Arrows for Bow, to obtain Silver Coins.

Packet modification of Maple Sword to Arrow for Crossbow used to obtain Silver Coins.

Accompanied with a trainer with auto attack, you can spam the NPC Chat button that's set to the Y button your MapleStory keyboard, allowing you to farm mass amounts of coins. After you have gathered a full inventory of coins in your Etc. tab, you can now trade them for scrolls.

Hacker manipulating leather sandals to obtain Silver Coins.

Over 2k Chaos Scrolls farmed!!!

The Major Deflation
Botting for these scrolls at an amazing fast rate, hackers began to sell the scrolls for dirt cheap. Chaos Scrolls in Bera for example plummeted from 20 million, 10 million, and just Sunday 5/8/11, fell at a MapleStory record of 200k each. I myself didn't even have a problem buying 10 of these babies for 2m! I scrolled a Scarlion Helm to 25 Luk as the final upgrade, which is not something to brag about. 

As for the 20% Pink Scrolls, I tested how well they worked and well, 20% is 20% success rate. I have to use at least 10 scrolls to get at least one successful one. Sometimes, I gamble the chances to get a +2 upgraded item and it worked, but rarely. I'm sure others have wasted hours to get a perfected scrolled, +49 weapon ATK weapon on their Maple weapons. Maple weapons were mostly scrolled with this exploit.

MapleStory Vigiliantes In Action
When the exploit turned viral among MapleStory communities, undercover spies of Nexon's loyal servants lurked inside the hacking communities and reported intel to the central base, Nexon Forums. Hacking communities saw this as they went undercover as well.

Rollback Outcry
BasilMarket douchebags got their chances to work their hormones and spread rumors of a possible rollback in the game. Almost every post was "OMFG RB IS COMING!" Of course, the first several hours would be assumed rollback. But came Sunday morning 5/8/11, they're still talking about a rollback! Idiots don't understand that a rollback is something not lighten taken among Nexon employees because it causes all players to lose valuable data that was gained for hours, such as leveling 10 times in one day and then Nexon sudden rollbacks to 10 level ago. Rollbacks also has benefits. Before the start of rollback, you   can duplicate your valuable items for profit. A while ago, when a rollback was initiated, Nexon would reimburse players with Maple Points to every account that was logged on a certain time. This could easily be abused by repetitively creating new accounts and wait for Nexon to stupidly give you free NX. But this has been known and Nexon learned their lesson.

Pretty sure other legit Maple communities were talking about this as well and reporting it to Nexon Forums.

The Midnight Response, 5/8/11
At the beginning of midnight, GMs of MapleStory responds to the exploit that lasted 2 days! 
Brought to you by maplestory.nexon.net: 

Hacking Communities Response
On Monday 5/9/11, all hacking communities talked about Nexon's statement. It was very interesting how everyone reacted to this. The following were the most talked topics:
  1. Nexon is bluffing about the investigation
  2. Hackers retaliating that they refuse to drop their hard earned crops.
  3. Ironic ways to dodging Nexon's wrath starting at 5/15. I know right, hackers actually trying to get themselves banned.
    1. A/b their accounts for a certain time to prevent investigation with use of hacks such as flying and DupeX.
  4. Speculating how Nexon plans to sniff out the scrolls you're hiding in your mules. From some experts, they say by using SQL script that searches for a mass amount of scrolls kept in a certain account. 
But whatever they feel like boasting about to just get their e-penis big, we don't really know how Nexon will investigate until the day comes. We can only hope and pray that your account won't be investigated if you hacked.

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