Tuesday, September 13, 2011

ShadyGamers talk of their latest trainer.

I remember seeing Lethargy Trainer posted on shadygamer.com so I visit them to see what they're up to. Like any other hacking site, they're leeching posts from other communities but also building their own trademark hacks in their section. Their current hacks are Plum Trainer v1.00.2.1, Beta Trainer by Master, and DingDong.

Public coder hero3128 is currently working on Heroic Engine, a multi-functional trainer. Click here for the list of functions. The trainer may expect to compete with the current GGTrainer by Rumias of GameKiller, Kami Trainer by ChiLaX of Gamkiller, and BT Lite of W8Baby which has been shut down for almost a month now. Seems like he's delaying the release but the school year started for everyone so patience is a must.

hero3128 was also a coder in GameKiller and his known work was Hero's Trainor. But it didn't turn out too well.

ShadyGamer needs more members and contributors. There aren't much huge stars here unlike the other popular communities so if you're looking to shine and be heard, sign up here!

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