Monday, September 26, 2011

Guild Skills Exploit - Time Extension

There was the release where you can hack your guild points infinitely so your guild can reach to its maximum level. It was with the use of packets and the whether or not it had been patched is not looked on by me because the level of the guild seems useless right now.

Just yesterday, more guild related packets were found and it's based on skills.

Guild Skills Packets
B9 00 1E C0 8C 6C 05 = Banner of Nimbleness
B9 00 1E C1 8C 6C 05 = Banner of Experience
B9 00 1E C2 8C 6C 05 = Banner of Fortitude
B9 00 1E C3 8C 6C 05 = Banner of Ferocity
B9 00 1E C4 8C 6C 05 = Banner of Mobiliy
B9 00 1E C5 8C 6C 05 = Banner of Lethality
B9 00 1E C6 8C 6C 05 = Banner of Plenty

Just send the packet with the required mesos from the skill and it will keep extending the time. This will not multiply the effect of the skill if you send it multiple times. Just a time extension. This is good for people will need extra damage and experience when training their characters. The very bad side of this is that the purchase price of the skill is insanely expensive, but the renewal price is a lot better. 

Credits go to Swiftmender from for discovering the packets.

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