Friday, September 23, 2011

/m Command for BT enhances gameplay.

The /m command for BT (Bizarro Trainer) is a new feature added that allows players to teleport to a specific regardless of the restrictions set by the game files. With this said, many exploits can be done such as the EXP and Scrolls Hack in Moonstead Yard! Lots of things can be done once you purchase VIP from W8Baby. You might have already seen some exploits involving the m-command already in public.

Format for the command:
/m [Map ID]

/m [Map partial name]
(It can take strings.)

Another possible exploit I found out yesterday was in Door to Zakum map. It seems to be involved with map teleporting and possibly the mules are farming for Eye of Fires. Watch the video. Sorry for the horrible quality =_=

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