Friday, September 30, 2011

[v.1.01] Hacking Updates

The Acension patch has greatly affected the hacking communities. Here is the current situation of hacking.

  • Still needs a public bypass
  • All hacks need updating
  • VIP hacks need updating
  • Map rush needs updating due to altered claims said by Nexon.
  • Rumors about NPC shop dupe are spreading. Most likely you need a VIP Packet Editor for this.
  • Headers have increased.
  • Public RIPE is updated, but sending the packets doesn't work. Maybe needs a fix or sending packets seems almost impossible.
  • Acension Update Notes says that PQ maps have been altered. 
  • Mob EXP, drop, and mesos rate have been decreased to combat "macro actions." I find this funny because no matter what rate Nexon sets, hacks will still be used for leveling and profit.

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