Friday, August 26, 2011

Chilax everyone, there's still hope.

It has been over a month since public bypasses got patched. I'm sure many of you have switched to W8Baby's BT Lite because of some of the existing hack features and can bypass the HackShield. You can try that or how about something more innovative?

Bypass-less Hacks
Yes, hacks that do not require a bypass. It's hard to believe but it has been an ongoing invention. ChiLaX of GameKiller is a coder for his trainers and other works in EMS (Europe MapleStory) and have decided to bring his knowledge to GMS as well. His contribution to GMS were:

  1. ChiLaX Kami Trainer
  2. ChiLaX PE Lite
  3. ChiLaX Bypass-less Hacks
  4. ChiLaX Macro Bot
  5. ChiLaX Wall Vac
His most recent work, Wall Vac, is similar to the Spawn Vac from BT Trainer. Though you need to add a bit of work to actually trigger the hack to work, it will run flawlessly when proper instructions are followed. 

But still without a bypass, these hacks won't run smooth. However, they can prove useful when trying to achieve the little things.

ChiLaX Macro Bot
I really like this work. Probably the first macro bot I ever used that most functions doesn't need any window-focusing and it has packet-sending! People use this in conjunction with other hacks or trainers or maybe just for repeated work that you don't want to do anymore. But keep in mind that the Teleport functions might a/b if abused too long.

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  1. This is the real ChiLaX. (Contact me on GK to be sure, if you don't believe me.. too many imposters these days)

    Thanks for the nice words. I appreciate it a lot.