Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Login ID Generator! (Sensitive Info)

It has come to my attention that you can retrieve the login ID of some character's account! When you get ahold of such ID, you're a step closer to hacking someone's account and can make you rich!

The method was leaked out from the VIP site in W8Baby where it was explained in raw steps on how to retrieve it with the packet editor. Of course you need to have VIP to have a working PE that can hook send/receive. But W8Baby's administration decided that this should not be in public and have removed duplicate threads on how to do this method.

However, GameKiller Moderator iolyicant built a program to easily retrieve the L.I.D. by copying and pasting the F5 packet into it. Original post here.

Credits to confirm for releasing how to do it, i never looked into it and never thought it would be so simple lol, Nexon is such a nub company 
And to me for creating this lol
download: MTS ID Generator
Pass: gk~iolyicant
*the char MUST have items for sell in MTS!!*
Instructions as given in the program:
1) go into MTS, tick log receive.
2) search for a char
3) packet with header F5
4) put packet in the program, click generate, enjoy results.

Note - for Chillax's PE users, you will receive header "1F5" when you

paste the packet, paste F5, dont include the 1 as well.

Virus Scan:
http://www.virustotal.com/file-scan/report.html?id=f52099c057d02db53521e3c16d340433bfd a4661da79ddd01f5b373933a1085b-1314722233

his is NOT detected and does not require a bypass, how ever, this will be "fixed" as soon as nexon fixed the MTS issue lol
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The MTS exploit has already brought to Nexon's attention by vigilantes and already widespread on other MapleStory communities.

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