Monday, October 3, 2011

[v1.01] Monster Crystal Packet

Monster Crystals were created 2 years ago along with Item Maker Skill. Item Maker Skill allowed us to make weapons, armors, refine ores, etc. During July, it was replaced by Profession skills and the functions and GUI of Item Maker were taken out. Last month, I stumbled upon and it shed some light to me. I didn't think it was possible for something that was patched to be resurrected by packets but I gave it a try. Soon after ruling out the wrong packets, I saw the etc. items convert into a Basic Monster Crystal right before my eyes.

So why should we continue using something that's outdated when profession skills replace it and fatigue are now well handled? Well for those who remembered playing before the Profession age, I.M.S. allowed us to make weapons such as a Concerto with average attack into above average attack. Profession skills can achieve this, but with a small chance. To make a Concerto with higher attack, we would use a combination of Advanced Diamond, Advanced Black Crystal, and a simulator and process it in the Item Maker window. Since we don't have it (or can't bring it up to our screen), a correct format packet that allows you to make a higher attack gun must be sent instead.

Because I didn't track down the other I.M. packets, such as refining ores, making armors, or weapons, I can't make and distribute these powerful weapons. I'm releasing this packet with the updated header in hopes for something with a better knowledge of packets to discover the others and maybe release it to the public.

-Need 100 of a monster's drop, such as Drake Skull.
-The packet provided.

Drake Skull
AD 00 03 00 00 00 0E 09 3D 00

Packet Format:
AD 00 [the choice # of the item maker window] 00 00 00 [item ID] 00

Do note that not all I.M.S. packets are in that format. They're each unique.

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