Thursday, May 8, 2008

[v0.54] A Public Bot Release

Introducing...a first functional bot release to the public in this version of MapleStory: RBot_4! First appearance was 5/6/2008: CLICK ME

It's nothing more than a bunch of macros put together.
For the source page click here. Credits to MPCForums.

Rbot_4 Instructions
Macro Functions 
    1. Launch maple and a bot (the order does not matter)
    2. Match the hotkeys with the ones for your character to use auto skills
    3. Action can be activated in intervals of milliseconds
    4. On / Off checkbox function
Auto Chat
    1.  In the first fill-in box, type the first message that our bot has to write
    2. In the second box enter the second message
    3. In the third window, near the string auto start chatting , type what if you want to perform (default 3000ms)
    4.  Click Start Auto Chatting
Smuggle Function
    1.  In the first fill-in, choose the number of internet connection retries
    2. 2. In the second fill-in enter the port from which to match packets (GMS = 8586; EMS = 8585; ALL = 0);3. Click the Enable Firewall or F11
Hot Keys
    • Auto Attack - F1
    • Auto Loot - F2
    • Auto Skill # 1 - F3
    • Auto Skill # 2 - F4
    • Auto Skill # 3 - F5
    • Auto Click - F6
    • Smuggler - F11
There are no real hacks like vaccing, godmodes, and such. But it can't be patch that's for sure. It's not much but it can be the foundation for the future bots/trainers.

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