Sunday, March 30, 2008

[v0.52] Fame Hack

Uploaded by holeinc on Mar 30, 2008

Fame hardly played a role in the MapleStory. After you pass 20 fames, the requirement to equip some items, there's really nothing else about it. When you click to view a player's info, the high number seems to get your attention. Again, a useless function even today.

The video shows the following:
1. DXWnd - A program that allows to turn a full-screen game to windowed mode.
2. KiPE - A packet editor. A packet editor is a program that logs these packets (a stream of data. Sorry I'm just loosely defining) and you can manipulate the bytes of memory to use them to your advantage.

With the DXWnd, you can conveniently see the game and the KiPE. The packet editor send the fame packet to the character, making it add its fame. It seems unstable but it actually works. Maybe that's why some people are ranked top in Fame Ranking...

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