Tuesday, August 15, 2006

v0.24 - Inside Exclusive

Some of the players might have encountered this issue:

It seems that all sources point to NoobNotFunny (NNF) who cause the chaos in the sauna lobby.

Biography of NoobNotFunny:
NoobNotFunny or NNF was an actual GMS player residing in Scania and is permbanned.

He is a member of GzP: Gamerz Planet

Another rumored alias of NNF is Exidis(?): http://www.mpcforum.com/showthread.php?143558-Exidis

NNF is a well-known person in the hacking community as well as Scania. People witnessed him vaccing and botting as said in the forums. He contributed to the community by submitting his own AC. Rumors had it that he made other hacks as well, such as the Free Market Switcher (find 'Rache').

A couple days after v0.24 was released, people experienced a disconnection problem with the Sleepywood Sauna. Some claimed that the female NPC receptionist was missing and that's what made them d/c. Many people said that this 'glitch' that's happening was from NNF. By using an advanced vacuum hack, he vacced NPCs into the lobby map and when players enter this specific map, it causes the game to overload and crashes. There wasn't any said list of NPCs except the female receptionist. Only a very few channels work in every world, but it changes irregularly over time. A chain of failed server checks follow-up this problem and not until the next version did this problem get resolved.

Some say NNF did this to wreak havoc on the game because he was tired of noobs leeching off hacks from hacking communities. He successfully brought the fall of all hacks and bypasses after the next version of the game was up...but not for long.

Community Outcries

Other Sources
Under the section "Uh...what?", an anonymous speaks of the mentioned glitch: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk%3AMapleStory_game_issues

Find 'Sleepywood Hotel' 

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