Wednesday, August 16, 2006

[v0.20 to v0.29] Summary of Updates

Hacking during 2006 wasn't as popular as now. There's hardly to document. But here are the summaries of the versions instead.

v0.21 - 4/4/2006
The beginning of vac-hacking?
Skip to 0:27 to see the action and 0:40 as proof of the version. 4/12/06

v0.23 - 5/2/2006
The Zakum patch was up and running. At this era, only Zakum was the powerful boss in Maplestory. There is a series of quests that need to be completed for every player before battling it.
The pre-quests:

  1. Collecting document pieces from a series of maps.
  2. Maplestory's nearly impossible jump quest at this era.
  3. Collecting golden teeth to make the Eye of Fire as a pass to get into the battlefield of Zakum.
Would there be any exploits to this? Possibly. Continue reading.

v0.24 - 6/7/2006
As Nexon continues to update their game, so did the hacks. The game designers don't allow hacks in the game but the hackers and leechers don't care. GameGuard gets updated because of this but so does the bypass. From what I found, a bypass hadn't come up since v0.18 until v0.24:

Values, pointers, and addresses, whichever is the correct term for Cheat Engine, also changes. Hackers would have to spend time to find these new values so they can continue hacking again.!

The following are new hacks:
  1. Teleport hack
  2. Fly
  3. Advanced types of tubi
  4. Pervac
  5. Server Side EAX (opposite of CSEAX)
  6. Dupe
  7. DupeX Vac
  8. Modification of the game's physics (jumping, falling, etc)
  9. Swear word filter
~Exploiting Zakum's Jump Quest
The quest awards you 15k experience for completing every time and had no limits to how many times you can do it. Which one of the hacks you think was suitable for massively gaining 15k experience per [short time]? That's right, the fly hack. At a daily rate, you could gain unthinkable levels by doing this. Keep in mind that in this era, training/grinding was boring and slow.

~Exploiting Other Jump Quests
I'm pretty sure if you knew how to fly hack on one jump quest, you knew how to do it for all! Here are all the other jump quests that may have been hacked on:
  • Kerning City Shumi's JQ Line
  • Lith Harbor John's JQ Line
  • Sleepywood Sabitrama's JQ Line
  • Ludibrium Assistant Cheng's JQ
A reason why the quest lines were abused was because they were repeatable and gave ores as rewards. Ores could be used as profit or making equips. 

v0.28 - 8/16/2006
An interesting program I found helpful and convenient was called DXWND. It can make a full screen game into window mode. In this era, the game was only able to be played full screen. By making the game in window mode, it allows hackers to easily access their CE and activate hacks. Earliest date of adopting DXWND into the Maple community was 8/23/06.

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