Thursday, September 20, 2007

v0.40 - 7/25/2007

The infamous PIN cracker first came to scene at this version of GMS. The PIN is a security measure that was put upon all users since v0.12 at 11/16/05 that followed the User ID and the password after logging in. I don't think it was a way to protect your account better since there's a crack like this. It's more of a buffer before the hacker gets to your valuables. You would have to work hard to get a person's User ID and password in order for this cracker to be useful for you.

In other terms, the PIN cracker was more of a macro as it automatically does the cracking task for you instead of manually doing it. Here is a demo of the PIN cracker.
Credits to pincrackerdude. 8/4/07

This Calls For A New Scam
I've seen people offering services to help PIN crack accounts if the person gives them their account info. Well sure it's a good thing this macro will find your PIN, but your items won't be in safe hands. You probably won't get your account back.

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