Thursday, September 1, 2005

Kerning City Party Quest Competitiveness & The First Botting

Summer/Fall 2005
Kerning City Party Quest Competitiveness & The First Botting
Ever since I played GMS in the summer of 2005, the K.P.Q. (Kerning Party Quest) had been out ever since. The game was v0.09. Since the PQ was a quick way to train your levels from 21 to 31, it was crowded and only 1 party per channel can participate at a time. Party leaders had to be awake and aware of tracking the party members' progress that were inside the PQ and as soon as they come out, he/she will spam their clicks onto Lakelis to beat the rest of the queuers. The leader wouldn't want to fail the rest of his/her party, so he/she would have to do his/her best to get themselves in. If failed, the party would wasted their time and have to wait again.

I don't remember seeing any hacking activities at this time, but the first kind of botting called auto-clicking was used. It's a handy tool that can click instantaneously per second. To effectively use this, Party Leaders, you would stack the dialog box of Lakelis such that when you auto-click the 'Next' button, it would also click on Lakelis thus opening her dialog boxes many times until you get inside the PQ. Now doesn't that relieve your fingers?

When recruiting party members, you would want to invite the stronger players and the experienced. But if you're experienced and level 21, you could use the auto-clicker to your advantage. Smacked in the middle of Kerning City is the recruiting center for the PQ and if you had played in my time, you'd see messages like, "J>PQ I HAVE TRACK AND AUTOCLICKER @@@ @@@". A lot of people wanted to take advantage of these players with benefits so they would be a priority.

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